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The number of WordPress hosts in the UK is very large, and is growing all the time. That can make it a difficult job to select the host that is right for your needs. However, a combination of a little forethought in terms of what you actually need, and the expert analysis provided by WordPress Hosting UK, will make the process of choosing your new host a much more straightforward one.

Of course, all customers will have their own particular requirements and expectations from a host, which is why we have undertaken the task of conducting detailed tests. For all the WordPress hosts we have listed below, we have assessed the level of quality that each service provides, with particular emphasis being placed on three essential criteria: quality, service and speed. Read more »

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The ratings we have given are based on solid evidence from the comprehensive testing we have carried out, giving you the reassurance that you need to take hosting decisions with confidence. Clearly, not every one of the listed WordPress hosts in the UK will have identical features, so some providers may be better for you than others, even if their overall ratings are similar.

WPHosts has your best interests at heart to help you find decent WordPress Hosting in the UK, benefiting you by giving you easy-to-use, dependable information about the standard of service offered by hosting providers. Our site will help you to find the providers that are likely to fit your requirements most closely, thereby saving you the need for a potentially frustrating and time-consuming search through multiple other WordPress-related resources.

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